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1816 “The Year Without a Summer”; 1816 is legendary for being the “year without a summer,” “poverty year” and “eighteen hundred froze to death”; Wikipedia link here

1816 Brief e-mail from Mark Wozniak (mwozniak@wbfo.org) concerning the “cold summer” of 1816 when snow was reported in June, Sent January 8, 2002

1988 “WNY Had More Than Its Share of ‘Beautiful Days’ in ‘88” 1988 weather review by Barney Wiggin, Retired Chief, Buffalo Weather Bureau, Buffalo News, January 29, 1989

1993 “Buffalo weathered ’93 in uneventful manner” 1993 Weather In Review including colored charts on the monthly averages for temperature, snowfall, precipitation and sunshine, record temperatures, record precipitation and strongest winds; Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, January 17, 1994

Blizzard of ’77 Ten Years After the Blizzard of ’77: A Night to Remember; “Winter’s Most Devastating Blow Changed Us Forever”; Buffalo News special, Anthony Cardinale, January 25, 1987

Bureau “Weather bureau may leave county” New updated site sought for office, Washington to make decision; Buffalo News, Michael Beebe, December 29, 1989

Natural Disaster “Deadly Tidal Wave Swept City 144 Years Ago” Took years for Buffalo to recover from natural disaster, dead range from 30-200; Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, October 20, 1988

Record “December’s cold broke a record here that had stood since 1876” December of 1988 was the coldest month in Buffalo’s history; Buffalo News,  January 2, 1989

Snowfall “City’s First Big ’89 Snowfall Hits” Over 8 inches of snow in 12 hours; includes a visual of How a Lake-Effect Storm Forms; Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, February 7, 1989

Snowfall “The Whitewashed City: Twenty-five inches of sudden snow turned Buffalo into the world’s biggest parking lot—and then the community pitched in to start getting us into the clear” Eight photographs and paragraph of the incident; Buffalo News, various Buffalo News photographers, November 22, 2000

Snowfall Slow, steady cleanup: “Massive effort underway to clear vehicles” (Michael Beebe and Phil Fairbanks), “Snowstorm stories that blanket the heart” (Charity Vogel) and “‘How much’ eludes even new forecasting models” (John F. Bonfatti); Buffalo News articles on Buffalo’s heavy snowfall, November 22, 2000

Storm “Storm clouds over Buffalo” Photograph from the Hamburg entrance ramp to the Thruway of storm clouds; Buffalo News, May 26, 1989

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