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Buffalo Regional History Collection

Buffalo Vertical Files

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Visual History

1900 Records of who owned homes in 1900 Buffalo that included the owner and other members of the household and their respective professions

Audio & Visual History “Sing a Song of Six-Packs: A Packetful of Wry” by Jerry Kent; A collection of song parodies, satirical spoofs, and lyrical lampoons; also includes Griffinisms

Calendar 1994 and 1995 Calendar of “Buffalo from Yesteryear” which include photographic views of the splendor of Buffalo, New York at the turn of the century

Erie Canal The Erie Canal: The Cut and Fold Game of trade and travel on America’s 19th-Century canals, American Adventure Games, Ages 8 to adult

Greeting Card Greeting card of Lafayette Theatre in Buffalo, NY, Reproduction of vintage ephemera, crafted by hand, Traveling Picture Show

Greeting Card Greeting card of 49 Gayety Theatre, Buffalo, NY, Reproduction of a turn of a century vintage postcard, crafted by hand, Traveling Picture Show, Buffalo, NY

History Historic New York oversized postcard detailing a visual history of Buffalo, NY also including a brief paragraph on the flipside, Published by White Mountain Puzzles (2 copies)

License Plates Expired NYS license plates that were valid until 1987 that were used at least as early as the mid-1970s
Peace Bridge “The Peace Bridge Celebrates its 75th Anniversary, 1927-2002” From its opening day celebration in 1927 through the debate over its expansion in the 1990s, the Peace Bridge has been a newsmaker.  Enjoy a look back over the last 75 years; Gateways: Crossing Paths, Building Futures, 10 pages, oversized

Photographs Original Polaroids of: 1. 44 Breckenridge, Buffalo, NY, Church (Black Rock); 2. Exterior of the Railroad Terminal; and 3., 4., and 5. Interior of the Railroad Terminal

Photographs A film processing envelope of almost 30 photos relating to the history of the Pan-Am Exposition in Buffalo

Pictorial History Citation for a book on Buffalo’s visual history: Second looks: a pictorial history of Buffalo and Erie County by Scott Eberle and Joseph A. Grande, 1987; Available at E.H. Butler Library, Buffalo State College, NY

Postcards “Penny Postcard Trove Shows A Washington Long Forgotten” Includes brief history on the postcards themselves; Washington Post, Linda Wheeler, March 4, 2001

Postcards “Reproduced postcards and prints recall the glory days of Buffalo” Our Times is a small Buffalo business reproducing turn-of-the-century postcards and prints; Buffalo News, James T. Madore, August 10, 1992

Postcards Postcards of Historic Buildings: 1. Erie County Hall, 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY; 2. Historic Michigan Street Baptist Church, Pre-Civil War “Underground Railroad” Rest Stop, 511 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, NY; and 3. Guaranty Building, National Historic Landmark, Buffalo, NY

Postcards Postcards of Lake George: 1. A Lake George Outing, ca. 1905 2. The Sagamore located offshore of Lake George

Postcards Vintage reprints of postcards: 1. Shelton Square, Intersection of Main, Erie, Church and Niagara Streets; and 2. Main Street on a busy day in Buffalo, NY

Yesterdays From the Buffalo Magazine, “Yesterdays”

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