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Surrounding Areas of Buffalo

Amherst “Residents fear new apartments threaten bucolic Amherst area: Nearby wetlands teem with many kinds of wildlife” Buffalo News, Richard W. Dawson, September 17, 1989

Cheektowaga “Trestle remnants on track for historic designation” Railroad historians want to save the remains of this old coal trestle, Buffalo News, Paul Carroll, January 28, 1994

Cheektowaga “Neighbors Take a Holiday Break From Picking Up Pieces After Fire” Buffalo News, Karen Brady, December 25, 1988

Commute “Drive-time distress” As the average commute in Buffalo Niagara gets longer, and more people are driving from suburb to suburb for work, there’s no shortage of frustrations on the road; Buffalo News, Patrick Lakamp, Jay Rey and Susan Schulman, November 23, 2003

East Aurora “Printer Creates a Page Out of History with Turn-of-the-Century Press in E. Aurora” Aurora Historical Society has 1897 printing press; Buffalo News, Michael Levy, April 15, 1988

Hamburg “The Gatling Land Boom—Hamburg, New York” Article on the city of Gatling in Hamburg with supplemental materials/maps; WNY Heritage, Chris Andrle, Winter 1999

History “Both sides of paradise” In Western New York and elsewhere, the suburbs promised what most young postwar families were longing for: quiet streets, green grass, good schools.  But how is the suburban dream playing out at midlife?; Buffalo News, Donn Esmonde, December 23, 1999

History “What’s in Name? For some WNY places, no one can say” Buffalo News, Dave Condren, December 6, 1987

Lackawanna “‘Temporary’ Housing Shows Unexpected Staying Power” Homes in Lackawanna’s Ridgewood Village have survived much longer than their WWII architects imagined; Buffalo News, Sharon Linstedt, October 25, 1987

Lackawanna E-mail from Blue Moon Network Administrator containing “Bustling Buffalo is Big Business for Lackawanna” Lackawanna Magazine, April 1954, sent May 12, 2002

Preservation “Preserving the Suburbs: Efforts grow to protect local history”  Many local municipalities lack the means for preserving efforts; Buffalo News, Jay Rey, April 12, 2000

Tonawanda “Circular Plan Fosters Friendships in ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ Complex” Grassy areas such as the Gardenwood neighborhood a cozy ambience, Buffalo News, Marc Lacey, November 1, 1987

The Valley “Working-Class Area Preserves Its Heritage” The Valley stands as a living reminder of this city’s heritage; Buffalo News, Phil Fairbanks, February 21, 1988

Town of West Seneca “14-acre wetlands donation ensures protected habitat, focus on research,” The Buffalo News, Harold McNeil, March 24, 2010


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