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Chippewa Street “Downtown district bids to shake ‘sin’ tag: Area is undergoing rebirth with transfusions of investment money,” a developer will spend $3.5 million to renovate the Root Building into luxury apartments, Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, November 5, 1989

Delaware Road “Modern Growth Surrounds Lingering Hints of Yesterday,” Delaware Road in Tonawanda is a street of contrasts, Buffalo News, Dave Robinson, October 4, 1987

Delaware Avenue “Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York,” a brief article and photograph, Artvoice, Vol. 12, No. 29, Chris Andrle, July 19-25, 2001

Delaware Avenue “Delaware Avenue at the turn of the century,” one page student summary by Roberta A. Dodd

Delaware Avenue “A Neighborhood Affair: Delaware Memories,” student paper by Edna L. Habicht

Elmwood Avenue Elmwood Avenue, Do The Strip, Buffalo, New York – brochure includes color map, dining, shopping, art, architecture and history of Elmwood, Forever Elmwood (undated)

Elmwood Avenue Elmwood Mapping Project, student paper by David Kisker, December 1999

Elmwood Avenue “Mapping Buffalo: Elmwood Avenue 1900 A.D., West Utica through North Street,” student paper by Jason S. Waterman

Elmwood Avenue poster of The Elmwood Strip includes map and locations, Green & Green Publishers, 1995

Elmwood Avenue “Turn of the Century Buffalo, especially Elmwood Avenue,” student paper by Mary E. McMeekin, December 1999

Elmwood Avenue “Mapping Elmwood Avenue,” student paper by Regina Wilkes, Fall 1999

Elmwood Avenue “Making magic on Elmwood: Merlin’s conversion into Blue Monk exemplifies changes on commercial strip,” The Buffalo News, Denise Jewell Gee, March 7, 2010

Florence Street “Mapping 1900 Buffalo,” focus is on Florence Street located next to Forest Lawn Cemetery and Delaware Park, student paper, Craig Kosseff

Highway e-mail from Mark Wozniak (mwozniak@wbfo.org) regarding opening dates for various Western New York highways beginning with January 1913 through December 1999, received January 28, 2002

History “Road Test: Sheridan Drive? Porter Avenue? The Youngmann? Who are all these streets named after, anyway?” in the early days, street names used to change, Buffalo News, Susan Martin, July 7, 2002

Kensington Expressway “Kensington is symbol of wrong move,” the neighborhood around Humboldt Parkway is bisected by the Kensington Expressway, Buffalo News, Frank Baker, June 26, 1988

Lexington Avenue “A Brief History of 138 Lexington Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222,” Gurney, Becker & Bourne, Inc. Real Estate and Insurance

Hoyt Street student mapping project on Hoyt Street by Melinda Block, May 2000

Main Street “A dividing line with the weight of history,” for decades, Main Street has served as Buffalo’s dividing line – and not just east from west, Buffalo News, Harold McNeil, January 1, 2000

Main Street “Shopping District, Main Street, Buffalo, New York,” brief article and photograph, Artvoice, Chris Andrle (date missing)

Norwood Avenue packet of research and information on Norwood Avenue locations

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