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’80 Decade of Change Series PART ONE: “Vast Change Altered City Population; Northeast’s racial mix changed” Courier Express, Terence P. McElroy, June 21, 1981; PART TWO: “Urban Migration of Blacks Revamps Racial Structures” Courier Express, Terence P. McElroy, June 22, 1981; PART THREE: “Suburbs Still Overwhelmingly White: A Matter of Economics and Attitudes” Courier Expres, Richard Schroeder, June 23, 1981; PART FOUR: “Niagara County in 1970s: Urban Slide, Rural Surge” Courier Express, Mike Billington, June 24, 1981; PART FIVE: “Many Experts Believe Signs of City’s Rebirth Already Show” Courier Express, Terence P. McElroy, June 25, 1981

Black Population “Census Changes Sketch a Revealing Profile of Black Population in Buffalo, Erie County”; Courier Express, Mike Vogel, 1980

Buffalo “Buffalo’s Declining Population” 6 figures, Andrew P. Yox, April 19, 1984

Buffalo “Which way are we going? Exploring the paradox of Buffalo’s population” Buffalo News, David Montgomery, September 6, 1990

Buffalo “Population of Buffalo dips below 300,000” Loss of young is lamented, Buffalo News, Jay Rey, October 20, 2000

Buffalo “Census puts population at 100-year low; City falls below 300,000” Buffalo News articles, March 16, 2001, page A1 and A6: “Upstate cities skid; NY City is way up”, Census: Pataki blames population drop on Cuomo administration (Tom Precious); “Growth string in outer-ring suburbs”, Region: Amherst official attributes growth to senior citizen facilities (Jay Rey); “‘We have no choice but to fight’”, Challenge: Follow-up criticized (Brian Meyer)

Buffalo “A Fine Place to Live, and Leave: A shrinking population shapes Buffalo’s psyche” New York Times, Leslie Eaton, April 9, 2000

City Living “Buffalo to star in video” City living advocates are planning on making a 10-12 minute video on Buffalo to distribute to realtors or those planning to homebuyers, Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, October 18, 2000

Erie County “Area lost 4.3% of residents since ’80, census shows” Erie County’s decline of 4.62% ranks as the largest in the state; State population is 17.9 million; Buffalo News, Douglas Turner, January 25, 1991

Gender “Census data shows how nation evolved” For married women, a dramatic impact on labor force, Buffalo News, News Wire Service, December 14, 1999

Poverty “Census figures point to poverty in Buffalo” ‘Growth of the underclass’ noted, Buffalo News, Gene Warner, May 14, 1992

Temples “Shifting population kept temples moving” Buffalo News, Elliot Shapiro, January 27, 1980

Upstate New York “Upstate sprawl grew as cities lost residents from 1982-97, study shows” Buffalo News, Michael Hill, October 19, 2003

Urban and Suburban “Cities that can expand are cities that succeed” Once the suburbs were in the city, and as growth sprawled outward, Buffalo’s center didn’t lose the benefit; The healthiest U.S. cities today can still operate that way, Buffalo News viewpoint, Edward Cuddy, chairman of the history and government department at Daemen College, November 17, 1996

Western New York “Census reports slight Western New York increase” Buffalo News, Rose Ciotta, March 9, 1996

Western New York “WNY exodus is slowing down” GM, Adelphia plans called signs of a turnaround” Buffalo News, Jay Rey, September 1, 2000

Western New York "Erie, Niagara Population Continue Downward Slide" Buffalo News, July 13, 2003

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