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18th Amendment “Large supply of liquor held until today: Larkin Warehouse closes few minutes before word comes from Utah of the official end of the 18th amendment” Buffalo Evening News, December 6, 1933

Arthur Political campaign sticker “Arthur for Mayor”

Great Seal “The Great Seal of the U.S.” The Mini Page explains the powerful symbol of America and the seals of all 50 states, Buffalo News, Betty Debnam, October 28, 2001

Local Politics Save Our City advertisement denouncing Tony Masiello and Joel Giambra; asking Buffalo citizens to run for the local committee to help save Buffalo
Log Cabin Campaign of 1840 “The Buffalo Whig Party: The Log Cabin Campaign of 1840” Focuses on the Campaign of 1840 and the city of Buffalo; Graduate student paper, Janet Baglier, November 1986

Mahany, Rowland Blennerhassett “A forgotten man in Buffalo’s past” A detailed article on Mahany’s accomplishments and contributions to Buffalo, Buffalo News, Max McCarthy, November 20, 1994

Mayors of Buffalo Mayors of Buffalo 1832-1999, By Party, Ethnicity, Place & Date of Birth; Appendix I Chronological list of mayors by city; Appendix III Mayors by ethnic background; Appendix IV Mayors by religious affiliation

Mayor Griffin “Tale of two mayors and the City Charter” Mayor Griffin’s commission has recommended changes that would alter the balance of power; Buffalo News, George Gates, October 25, 1992

Mayor Griffin Neighborhood Business Revitalization, City of Buffalo, James D. Griffin, Mayor, April 1980

Mayor Griffin “Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization” Executive Summary on Recommended Policy Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) 1978-1982; George Zenger, NCR Coordinator and Terry H. Martin, Policy Planning; Also includes “A new policy for neighborhood commercial revitalization” and “Guidelines for Policy Implementation”  June 7, 1979

Mayor Griffin for President Photocopy of Griffin for President NH ’96 political campaign buttons; “Griffin in New Hampshire primary” Former Mayor Griffin entered the New Hampshire Democratic primary to challenge President Clinton; Buffalo News, Robert J. McCarthy, December 14, 1995; “White House for Griffin? Imagine that!” Buffalo News, Donn Esmonde, December 14, 1995; “If Griffin’s serious—now what?” Buffalo News, Niki Cervantes, December 15, 1995; “Jimmy in New Hampshire” Actually, in a field of 35, he’ll fit right in; Buffalo News, December 15, 1995; “Griffin presses the flesh in New Hampshire” Buffalo News, Robert H. McCarthy, November 19, 1996; and “An upbeat Griffin finishes tied for seventh with 278 votes among 20 Democratic also-rans; Buffalo News, Robert J. McCarthy, February 21, 1996

Mayor Masiello Mayor Masiello’s pamphlet on the Financial Control Board of Buffalo and the fiscal state of the city

Mayor Masiello “Buffalo Means Business” Newspaper plans for Downtown Buffalo in 2002, Prepared by The City of Buffalo Office of the Mayor

Political Nativism “Political Nativism in Buffalo, 1830-1860” Scholarly article by Sister M. Felicity O’Driscoll, S.S.M.; pp. 279-319 of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia, Vol. 48, September 1937

Socialist Party “Socialist Platform, Buffalo, New York, 1933” Herman J. Hahn For Mayor and the 1933 Platform of the Socialist Party

Socialist Party Student paper, Kimberly Walwyn, on the Socialist Party in American politics

Tramp Act “Class Conflict and the Suppression of Tramps in Buffalo, 1892-1894” Law and Society Review, Sidney L. Harring, Summer 1977, pp. 873-911

Treaty of Big Tree “The Bicentennial of the Treaty of Big Tree” Without this treaty, the non-Indian settlement of Buffalo, as well as much of New York State west of the Genesee River, would have been delayed; Article by Laurence M. Hauptman

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