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Amana “Amana commune’s area history being retold in appliance store” WNY’s newest appliance store is rich in local history; Buffalo News, James T. Madore, October 27, 1989

Bethume, Louise Blanchard Student paper on Louise Blanchard Bethume, first pro-women architect in Buffalo history

Bethume, Louise Blanchard “Louise Blanchard Bethume (1856-1914)” Student paper, April Solecki, Spring 2000

Bird, Henry “The Mystery of Henry Bird: His car could have made Buffalo an auto industry giant. What happened?” Buffalo Magazine, D. John Bray, April 25, 1993

Burchfield, Charles “Burchfield Returns To This Stage: The national scene rediscovers Buffalo’s premier artist with ‘Heat Waves in a Swamp,’ The Buffalo News, Colin Dabkowski, March 7, 2010

Burchfield, Charles“Out of the Past,” The West Seneca Bee, March 18, 2010

Carlow, Michael “Kittinger recovering under new owners: After rescuing firm six months ago, Pittsburgh businessman plans expansion” Buffalo News, David Robinson, January 6, 1991

Chuddihy, Ed "Chuddihy traces political history", Buffalo News

Early Professionals of Buffalo “Other Early Professionals of Buffalo in Forest Lawn” Includes Loring Pierce, Henry Farwell, Francis H. Guenther; The Gate Vol. 19 No. 1, Summer 2004

Fordham, Monroe "Confrence to Honor Historian, Educator" The Challenger, October 13, 1999

Fordham, Monroe "Why I left Witchita KS, and relocated to Buffalo" Monroe Fordham, from his autobioraphy

Goldman, Mark “Chippewa’s pioneer has some regrets,” The Buffalo News, Donn Esmonde, March 28, 2010

Green, Anna Katharine Author; Daughter of an eminent Brooklyn attorney, she married a furniture designer and manufacturer and lived most of her life in Buffalo, New York; Photocopy of an author description, publication unknown

Green, E. B. “E. B. Green: The Man Who Built Buffalo” A vast number of Buffalo’s enduring buildings were designed by one astonishing architect; Buffalo News, Dale Anderson, May 16, 1986

Green, E. B. “E. B. Green: Buffalo’s Architect” Including “The Greening of Buffalo: How Architect E. B. Green Shaped the Profile of the City” (Austin M. Fox), “The Architecture of E. B. Green: A Vanishing Urban Legacy” (Christine Faust), “Chronology of E. B. Green” (Lisa Brown) and “Listing of E. B. Green Buildings” (Catherine Faust); Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Buffalo State College, February 8-April 6, 1997

Guercio “Corner store keeps its niche; Buffalo’s family markets satisfy needs of loyal followers” Vincent and Nancy Guercio opened the market in 1961 to serve the large Italian neighborhood, now 5 sons are left in charge of Guercio’s; Buffalo News, Lois Baker, April 2, 1990

Horton, Tim “Tim Horton: NHL Hall of Fame – Before the Hockey” Brief article highlighting the hockey career of Tim Horton. The Downtowner, February 2009

Kittinger Furniture “Best seats in the house; Kittinger makes couch, chairs for first lady” Kittinger Furniture president Raymond Bialkowski with the camelback Chippendale sofa that will be shipped along with 2 chairs to the White House; Buffalo News, Matt Glynn, May 31, 2001

Kramer, Jacob Packet of articles written about Jacob “Jake” Kramer: “Grey Panther adds color to Amherst” by Jeffrey Bagel, Amherst Bee, April 8, 1987; “Buffalonian chose role in Spanish War over job with ‘Papa’” by Anthony Cardinale, Buffalo News, November 17, 1986; “This UB student’s cause: advocating Gray Panthers” by Adam Sternglass, The Spectrum, May 1985; and “UB student, 69, Presses fight against oppression of the elderly” by Linda Roeder, Buffalo News, March 7, 1982

Love, William T. “Love’s Canal and Model City” Student summary on the life and work of William T. Love and the ‘Love Canal’ by David Torke,        December 1999

Lewitzky, Julie “An Easy Sell” Short article on Lewitzky and her pen and ink drawings of Buffalo homes; publication and author unknown

Marchand, Henri “Murder, Adultery, Witchcraft, In 1930, Buffalo captured the world’s attention as host of a shocking ‘trial of the century’ in the death of the wife of a renowned artist,” The Buffalo News, Mark Sommer, April 25, 2010

Mazurek, Jack “Well bread” Jack Mazurek was born in the bakery his parents operated; He still does business—and makes baked goods—the old-fashioned way, Buffalo News, Janice Okun, January 10, 2001

Mesler, Steve “Hero’s welcome for Mesler: Alma mater honors gold medal winner at raucous pep rally,” The Buffalo News, Gene Warner, March 13, 2010

Mesler, Steve “Mesler’s gold a win for all of us,” Buffalo News, Bucky Gleason, February 28, 2010

Mesler, Steve “Mesler shines as he brings home the gold after the Olympics,” The Buffalo News, T.J. Pignataro, March 9, 2010

Names Important Names (36) in the History of Buffalo

Ness, Cynthia Van “Building on the past” With a website, a book and a library job that has her on the cutting edge of Buffalo’s glories, Cynthia Van Ness shares her passion for the city’s future, Buffalo News, Paula Voell, October 31, 2000

Oates, Joyce Carol “Going home again: Prize-winning author Joyce Carol Oates recently reflected on her growing up in rural Erie and Niagara counties,” The Buffalo News, March 14, 2010

Paralympians “Band of brothers glistening with gold: Paralympians bond on and off the ice as sled hockey champs,” The Buffalo News, Gene Warner, March 24, 2010

Porter-Breckinridge “Porter-Breckinridge reunion evokes vibrant period in area’s history” More than 45 members of the Porter and Breckinridge families  gather together to honor their extraordinary ancestors; Buffalo News, Karen Brady, June 25, 1988

Rhodes, Gerry “Loving Memoir takes readers back to ‘The Market at 999 Broadway’” Rhodes wrote a 66-page account of the Broadway Market; Buffalo News, Bob Buyer, January 8, 1989

Riefler, Winfield W. “Millions own homes because of Buffalo-born economist’s idea” Federal Housing Administration, article by Bob Williams, publication information missing

Rohlfs, Charles “Garage-sale desk is top drawer: Florida dealer’s $20 find, crafted in Buffalo by craftsman Charles Rohlfs, is to be auctioned off in New York for up to $50,000; Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, December 8, 1989

Sangster, Hugh & James “Hugh Sangster and Jas. Sangster, of Buffalo, New York. LANTERN. Specification of Letters Patent No. 8,154, dated June 10, 1851” United States Patent Office, Sangsters invented improved method of constructing lanterns, 1851

Sheehan Brothers/Irish American “The ‘last hurrah’ of Buffalo’s Sheehan brothers” In New York politics, no two Buffalo brothers left imprints as unique as John C. and William F. “Blue Eyed Billy” Sheehan; Buffalo News, Max McCarthy, January 13, 1991

Smith, John E. United States Patent Office, John E. Smith, of Buffalo, New York, Letters patent No. 104,506, dated June 21, 1870, IMPROVED MEAT-CUTTER, diagrams included as well as a letter from the Museum of Early New Zealand

Smith, Randy “Smith honored at Buff State,” The Buffalo News, February 20, 2010

St. George, Frank "Frank St. George, activist, restauratuer, landscaper" Buffalo News, December 23, 2004

Stevenson “Eastman Machine’s 4th generation roaring to go” Charles Porter “C.P.” Stevenson stands surrounded by his three sons, who recently assumed full control of the family business, Eastman Machine Co., which has been owned by the same family for 92 years; Buffalo News, James T. Madore, November 5, 1989

Twain, Mark “Century after death, mark left by Twain remains bold, Author achieved his wish of being part of the future,” The Buffalo News, Hillel Italie, April 18, 2010

Twain, Mark “Mark Twain’s Buffalo best: A new book showcases everything the humorist wrote here” Gusto, Jeff Simon, July 23, 1999

Wypijewski, Joann “Editor’s activism has roots in Buffalo; Joan Wypijewski grew up conscious of the city’s class disparities” Wypijewski is managing editor of The Nation, Buffalo News, Anthony Violanti, May 30, 1991

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