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Pan-American Exposition

Pan-American Exposition 1901

100th Anniversary “Imagining the Pan-American Exposition,” UB Today, Patrick Klinck, As A Century Turns: Finding the Light Then and Now – The Pan-American Exposition issue, Winter 2000

100th Anniversary “Buffalo shines the light on 1901 fair, Summer events mark the 100th anniversary of Pan-Am,” The Charlotte Observer, Carolyn Thompson, June 10, 2001

100th Anniversary “The Pan-Am Exposition: 100 years later,” Riverside Times, vol. 2, issue no. 32, Rob Gerke, Jr., August 10, 2001

Artifacts “David and Goliath of Pan-Am Artifacts: Loans of Eight-Watt Light Bulb and Four-Ton Motor-Generator Complement BECHS’ Permanent Collections,” Matt Conway, BECHS News, Spring 2001

Bibliography The Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York, May 1, 1901 – November 1, 1901: A Selected Bibliography of Sources available at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, complied by Carey Harmon, May 1997

Buchanan, William Insco (1852-1909) “BUCHANAN, Director of Pan-American Exposition, is Forest Lawn Teneant,” Remembering Buchanan and his accomplishments, Marius Risley, The Gate, vol. 16, no. 2, Winter 2000

Commemorative Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society’s 1901 Pan-American Exposition Commemorative Calendar for the year of 2000

Commemorative “Keepsake Certificate Commemorates Pan-Am Centennial,” BECHS News, page 6

Electricity Building student summary, Monica Lester, on the Pan-Am Expo and the Electricity Building

Exhibit supplemental program for the BECHS Exhibit, Spirit of the City: Imagining the Pan-American Exposition,” May 5, 2001 through January 13, 2002, at the Museum and the Resource Center

Forest Lawn “Forest Lawn and the Pan-American Exposition,” article by Richard O. Reisem on Forest Lawn’s contribution to the Pan-American Exposition, The Gate, vol. 17, no. 1, Spring 2001

History “The 1901 Pan-American Exposition: An Important Time in Buffalo’s History,” student summary, David D. Knotowicz, November 1999

History Business First as it may have appeared on November 11, 1901, including articles such as “Farewell Pan-Am!: Spectacle of the Exposition Will Not Soon Be Forgotten,” and “Weather Curses Pan-Am: Smaller than anticipated crowds dragged down prosperity of exposition,” by written by Joseph Marren

Park, Roswell student summary, Joseph Carlo, on Pan-Am Expo and the contributions of Dr. Roswell Park

Planning & Purpose “Pan-American Exposition Buffalo, May 1, 1901 to November 1, 1901: Its Purpose and Plan,” The Pan-American Exposition Company, 1901

Planning & Funding “The planning and funding of the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York, 1895-1902,” student paper, Shelly Smith, May 2000 (41 pages)

President McKinley “Poignant Letter from Physician Operating on President William McKinley,” The Gate, vol. 19, no. 1., Summer 2004

Rededication Pan-American Gazette, First Edition, Volume 1, Number 1, May 6, 2001: “Pan-American Exposition Re-Dedicated,” “Activities for May 6, 2001,” and “Major Events, Centennial Celebration”

Walking Tour Walking Tour of the Pan-American Exposition brochure, includes period map of the Pan-Am grounds, photos, descriptions of select buildings, brief history of the Pan-Am Expo, route direction and modern street map, BECHS (undated)

Women “Few know that Pan-Am Expo was run largely by women,” Buffalo News, Barbara Soper (date missing)

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