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Berrick, Madolyn R. “Madolyn R. Berrick” dies at 97, married Dr. Charles J. Berrick, a member of a leading Buffalo family, Buffalo News, August 25, 2000

Bennet, Francelia L. Buffalo News, April 26, 2008

Bunis, Maer S. “Maer S. Bunis, 64, dies; chairman of Sample Inc.” Buffalo News, January 24, 1990

Fiorella, Mary “Mary Fiorella, 96, dies; prominent in area politics” Buffalo News, December 29, 2003

Hall, Melvin F. “Melvin F. Hall, advertising agency owner” Buffalo News, October 27, 1989

Harder, William H. “William H. Harder dies at 95; led Buffalo Savings Bank growth” Buffalo News, December 17, 2003

Jacobsen, A. Wilmot “Dr. A. Wilmot Jacobsen, pediatrics pioneer” Buffalo News, December 19, 1989

Knox, Seymour H. “Seymour H. Knox Jr., banker, patron of the arts, philanthropist, dies at 92: Under his guidance, Buffalo’s gallery attained international stature; Philanthropy extended beyond WNY” Buffalo News, September 27, 1990

Kraska, Stanley “Stanley Kraska, sculpted zoo-gate animals” Buffalo News,  July 18, 1990

Manch, Joseph “Joseph Manch, Ex-Head of Schools, Dies at 78” Buffalo News, June 8, 1988

Mang, Francis X. “Francis X. Mang, descendant of settlers” Buffalo News,  April 12, 1991

Nelson, Rhoda Logan “Rhoda Logan Nelson” dies at 76, former Buffalo resident, Buffalo News, March 3, 1989

Reinstein, Julia Boyer “Julia Boyer Reinstein, historian, philanthropist known as Cheektowaga’s ‘great lady’ dies” Buffalo News, July 19, 1993

Szymanski, Caroline “Caroline Szymanski, community volunteer” Buffalo News, July 9, 2000

Wade, John J. “Architect John J. Wade Sr. dies; took pride in design of City Hall” Buffalo News, January 9, 1990

Wieand, Otto H. “Otto H. Wiehand Sr. Is Dead at 87; Ran Meat Market on Genesee St.” Buffalo News, March 3, 1989


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