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Development “The Emerging Giant: Niagara and her Development 1725-1906’ Student summary, Basham, 1 page

Development “Twenty Valley/Jordan Harbour Tourism Development Project” Conservation Niagara Spring/Summer 2000, p. 2

Electricity “Ceremonies celebrate Niagara electricity” 100th Anniversary, Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, November 17, 1996

Frontier “Niagara Frontier is growing again, studies show” Population rising for the first time since 1970, experts say, Buffalo News, Phil Fairbanks, July 1995

Frontier The Niagara Frontier Planning Board issued a report: The St. Lawrence Seaway Project in 1940, E-mail summary of the major findings of this report, sent August 30, 2001 (2 coopies)

Frontier E-mail sent from search@ingenta.com on 9/13/01 with the citation for an article concerning the Niagara Frontier between 1988-2001: “Romanticism, Modernity, and the Evolution of Tourism on the Niagara Frontier, 1790-1850” by Jasen, P. The Canadian Historical Review, 1991, Vol. 72, no. 3, pp.283

Maps Four maps pertaining to bodies of water, Niagara, and Canada: 1. Goat Island, 2. The five gorges of the Niagara River, 3. The falls circa 1825, and the 4. Love Canal: the emergency declaration area, source unknown

Neighborhood “Waterfront Complex is an Island of Victorian Elegance” Breakwaters is on of the city’s newest neighborhoods; Buffalo News, Karen Brady, January 3, 1988

Old Fort Niagara Old Fort Niagara brochure, “300 years of history…Just minutes from the Falls!” Brief history and driving directions, 1999

Old Fort Niagara “Out From the Depths: The waters off Fort Niagara may add a raucous chapter to military history” Buffalo News, Buffalo Magazine, Mike Vogel, December 11, 1988

Old Fort Niagara & Civil War Brochure for “Civil War Encampment, Old Fort Niagara, May 26-27, 1984” including a description/history of the event, a history of Fort Niagara in the Civil War and other special events in 1984

Power Student summary, Tweedy, Includes Niagara Falls, Niagara Power and Niagara Power Project


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