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Buffalo Regional History Collection

Buffalo Vertical Files



Faculty + Student Papers

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1850s “Restored map puts history buffs on direct route to 1850s Buffalo” Meticulous work surfaced in catalog from a dealer in Rye, Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, August 8, 1989

1900 Buffalo Street and Ward Index

Buffalo's Harbor Drwaing of Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo News - Date Unknown

Buffalo State College Buffalo State College with map legend and building dates, Fall 1996

Buffalo Buffalo, New York Map, 1884

Canals New York State Canals Map, Recreation Map and Guide, Erie, Champlain, Oswego, Cayuga-Seneca, date unlisted

Downtown Buffalo Downtown Buffalo & Vicinity Map with numerical key and surrounding sites, date unlisted

Erie County Historic Erie County Map and Erie County’s History, Published by BECHS, 1980
New York City Plan of New York City, unsigned, undated

Outer Harbor Lake Erie and Outer Harbor with 55 points of reference (D. Sack), 1985

Park Olmsted’s Sketch Map of Buffalo, New York showing the relation of the park system, 1884 (In Buffalo folder)

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