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Accident “Shipboard accidents hurt 3” Two of the incidents were hours apart on Kinsman Independent, cable snapped and 100-pound shovel are to blame; Buffalo News, Janice L. Habuda, November 13, 1999

Automobile “The History of the George N. Pierce Company,” student summary pertaining to the George N. Pierce Company and the automobile industry, Greg Witkop (date missing)

First Ward “A Brief Profile of the First Ward of Lackawanna from 1900-1922,” graduate student paper on the Bethlehem Steel Company, immigration, and the First Ward, Dominic Govenettio (3 pages)

First Ward Location and Neighborhood Association including information of the Irish-American population and grain elevators (http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/units/sel/ collections/maps/fw.html)

Gasoline Engine “1903: Year exploded with tech innovation, social change,” Inventors took the internal-combustion engine and ran, USA Today, Kevin Maney, May 2, 2003

Grain Student summary on the grain industry in relation to the Buffalo River, grain elevators and Niagara Falls, Sarah Applegate (date missing)

Heritage “Bread and Steel: The Industrial Heritage of 20th Century Buffalo,” invitation to the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society exhibit Bread & Steel, November 1987

Heritage “Fire From Rust” Bethlehem Republic Steel, The Industrial Heritage Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 3

History of Bethlehem Steel  pamphlet explaining the history of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation from its inception in 1905 to the 1980s.  The pamphlet was produced by the Public Affairs Department of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, no date. View file here

Labor History Buffalo Labor History: A Preliminary Bibliography, complied by Joy A. Scime (19 pages)

Labor History e-mail from Wendy Plotkin (wplotk1@uic.edu) regarding the interest in international working class history in the Atlantic World which includes two abstracts for both articles: “New Unionism at the Grassroots: The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America in Rochester, New York” by Christopher T. Martin and “Live! From New York: Women Construction Workers in Their Own Words” by Jane Latour (received September 26, 2001)

Labor History detailed bibliography on Labor History, complied by Timothy G. Borden, Organization of American Historians, 1997 (7 pages) (http://www.oah.org/pubs/ magazine/labor/labor-bib.html)

Lackawanna Steel Co. student summary on the Lackawanna Steel Company, its engineering techniques and rolling mills, Daniel F. Walh, December 1999 (2 pages)
Lumber “Historiography of Lumber” thesis by Sara Walter, BSC student (12 pages)

Photograph Buffalo Labor Studies, 1988-1989, two photos of 1901 Labor Day Parade in Buffalo: Iron Moulders’ Union coming up Church Street, courtesy of Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society


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