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1840s-1860s/Irish and German Immigration “The Irish and German Element in New York State: Immigration in the 1840s to 1860s,” student paper, Steven Pitts and Ryan Kensinger, May 2004 (24 pages)

Baptists “For Country and God: Baptists and the Evangelization of Immigrants in the Late Nineteenth Century,” student paper, Jalovich (26 pages)

Chinese Immigration “Closing the Back Door: Enforcing the Chinese Exclusion Act along the Niagara Frontier, 1900-1909,” William H. Siener, 2001 (15 pages)

Greek Immigration “Oral History on Greek Immigrants to Western New York,” student paper, Nickolas J. Malamas, May 2002 (32 pages)

Greek History “Ancient Greeks not Aryan: Cultural origins in Africa, Asia indicated,” Africans and Asians played for more significant roles in the formation of Greece’s seminal culture than Northern Europeans; Buffalo News, Martin Bernal, professor of government and near Eastern studies at Cornell and author of “Black Athena,” November 5, 1989

Indian Immigration “The United States Census Bureau and the Establishment of the India Association of Buffalo and the Hindu Cultural Society of Western New York,” Growth of Indian immigration in WNY, student paper, Naryan Padmanabha, Spring 2003 (26 pages)

Irish Immigration “In the Shadow of a Grain Elevator: A Portrait of an Irish Neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries,” Ireland, special issue on Irish America, Spring/Summer 2002 (pp. 14-37)

New York/Irish Immigration “Immigration to New York,” edited by William Pencak, Selma Berrol and Randall M. Miller, a New York Historical Society Book, 1991 (55 pages); includes: “General Introduction: Immigration to New York,” by William Pencak and “Bishop John Timon, Archbishop John Hughes, and Irish Colonization: A Clash of Episcopal Views on the Future of the Irish and the Catholic Church in America,” by Leonard R. Riforgiato


German American

Bowling “Kegs, kraut and kegling: Author digs up sport’s German roots” Buffalo News, Norm Warner, December 1, 2001

Community “Decline of the German-American Community in Buffalo 1855-1925” Bibliographic citation and abstract for the dissertation by Andrew Paul Yox, Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1983

United States “English Top Germans as Largest U.S. Ethnic Group” New York Times, June 5, 1983

United States “Germans comprise largest ethnic group in U.S., followed by Irish and English” Buffalo News, Tim Bovee, December 16, 1992


Irish American

Civil War “Memorial proposed for ‘forgotten regiment’” Sculptor Henry Schmidt displays a model of his monument called “At the Ready” which commemorates Buffalo’s all-Irish infantry regiment that fought in the Civil War, Buffalo News, Tom Buckham, January 20, 1998

County Clare “Friendly Hayden St. Like a Little City” Many immigrants from County Clare, Ireland reside on Hayden Street, Buffalo News, Maureen Whitefield

Strike “Deadly strike made history 100 years ago” Irish dock workers overthrew oppressive ‘saloon bosses’ system on waterfront, Buffalo News, Fred O. Williams, missing page A18, undated

Strike “Irish war on Buffalo waterfront was one of city’s most dramatic chapters.”  Buffalo News, Max McCarthy, January 4, 1990.

Volunteer Infantry “155th New York Volunteer Infantry Reenactment Regiment, Incorporated.”  Buffalo, New York.  Corcoran’s Irish Legion 2nd Division, II Corps Army of the Potomac.  Interesting Buffalo and Immigrant Links on page 3 and 4.  http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~dbertuca/155.html, printed out on July 18, 2003. 

War “Irish war on Buffalo waterfront was one of the city’s most dramatic chapters” Buffalo News, Max McCarthy, January 4, 1990



Polish American

Catholics “The Polish National Catholics” 25-pages by William J. Whalen, Claretian Publications, 1965

Community “Reflections on the Political Condition of the Polish American Community” Eugene Kusielewicz

Culture “Our Culture Trashed” Editorial concerning the disposal of old Polish and English books by a local Parish schoolteacher; from East Buffalo Independent, December 1987

Fillmore District “Franczyk Walks Tightrope in Divided District” Fillmore Council Member, Franczyk, split between Fillmore district, half Polish and half Black, Buffalo News, Gene Warner, July 3, 1988

“Little Poland” “Taking stock of the past” In the heritage of ‘Little Poland,’ hope for the future, Buffalo News, Louise Continelli, December 16, 2001

Polonia “Polonia in Buffalo: an Examination of Local History.”  A research paper submitted to Dr. Richardson at Buffalo State College in fulfillment of the requirements of HIS 709: Local History: Research Methods and Techniques.  Student paper by Douglas T. Newman, December 12, 2002, 22 pages. 


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