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History of Buffalo

1980s “Our Town, The Decade, Outlook is upbeat after bruising ‘80s, Free trade, World Games brighten prospects for WNY” Buffalo News, James Heaney and Susan Schulman, December 31, 1989

Anti-Masonic Movement “A Background History to the Anti-Masonic Movement” Graduate Student paper, Frederick Schrock, May 2003, 28 pages

Aviation History “100 years of flight” On the centennial of the Wright brothers’ pioneering flight, a look at Western New York’s onetime place on the leading edge of aviation, Buffalo News, Bill Michelmore, December 17, 2003

Bathhouse “Alden’s Blackwater Bathhouses Offered Hope to People in Pain” The first bathhouse in Alden, Buffalo News, Bill Stephens, July 26, 1987

Buffalo Guard “The Buffalo Guard” Article on the various militias formed in Western New York prior to the Civil War. Article is on the"Buffalonian" Website and the link to it is here

Charter “Origin of Buffalo’s City Charter” Mary Finn, Historical Society by U.B. Law Students, 9 pages

Charter Charter Dates for the city of Buffalo, 1 page

Commerce “Romance of Buffalo: Buffalo Village from Lighthouse” Roy W. Nagle, 20 pages, provided by The Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co., Buffalo, New York

Construction Technology “The History of Western New York’s Construction Technology Before the 20th Century” Student research synopsis, Dawn Brooks, October 1999, 2 pages

Courier-Express “History Of A City: 150 years of Buffalo through the pages of the Courier-Express and its predecessors” Courier-Express Sunday magazine   April 18, 1982, 88 pages

Drinking Article citation pertaining to American history and taverns: “A History of the American Drinking Place” by Jim Hathaway In Landscape 1986 29(1): 1-9, Includes short abstract

Erie Bicentennial Commission “Historic Buffalo: A Great Place to Explore During the Bicentennial” Includes Lost Historic Places, Pictures, Map Booklet, Prepared by BECHS (2 copies)

Fireboat “Fireboat in service for 100 years” Firefighter Michael J. Higgins is captain of the Edward M. Cotter, the 200-ton steel-hulled fireboat that is cruising toward its 100th anniversary; Buffalo News, Lou Michel, May 1, 1999

Firefighting “Buffalo Fire Historical Society Est. 1982” The History, The Society and Photos, Pamphlet

Golden Era “Buffalo’s Golden Era 1850-1950” A special presentation to the Preservation Coalition of Erie County by Angelo A. Conorozzo, February 29, 1995, 7 pages  

Guide “Guides to New York State History” The University of the State of New York and The State Education Department, pamphlets (9 copies)

Holland Land Company “The Holland Land Company” Brief description, Members and Agents, 1 page

Houses “Some famous families from Buffalo’s past once lived here” Home Finder in the Buffalo News, Mike Rizzo, local historian, author of a complete history on the mayors of Buffalo and provides historical research and house histories, November 15, 2003

Jesuit Education “Celebrating 125 Years of Jesuit Education” Brief article on the history of Canisius College, Mailer, August 1994

Labor “What Happened to Organized Labor?” Fifty years ago unions seemed invincible, but they’ve been losing battles and members ever since. The reasons their fortunes fell suggest that they’re sure to rise again; Article from American Heritage, Daniel Nelson, professor of history at the University of Akron, July/August 1999, pp. 81-88

Land Pattern “Map 6.” Frontier map of New York, Frontier lines are based on dates for first settlement of towns west of the Hudson River; and “Map 7.” Western New York land pattern, 1790-1812; A Short History of New York State, pp. 152-153

Masonic Apron “Translation of Symbols from Masonic Apron” Catalogue #60.193, A visual dictionary for symbols with brief descriptions

New York State Pamphlet/program on the Conference on New York State History, June 7-9, 2001, Wells College, Aurora, New York, “Imperial Ambitions in the Empire state” and “Evan Cornog,” hosted by Wells College—History Dept.

New York State “New York State; a student’s guide to localized history” by Marvin A. Rapp, 1968, pp. 1-50

Niagara Square “Niagara Square redux: Historical Society exhibit traces fabled past, figures, landmark buildings at heart of city,” The Buffalo News, Tom Buckham, April 20, 2010

Post-9/11 “Profile in Courage” Jamestown’s effort to promote the life of a noted jurist raises issues relevant to the post-9/11 political climate, Buffalo News, Gene Warner, September 24, 2002

Pre-1850 Buildings “Historians weave the fabric of the city’s past” Survey team will track, list pre-1850 buildings, Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, January 30, 1995

Reference Points Some Reference Points in Buffalo’s History Since 1900, Population status and mayors by Golden, Brown, Richard & Watson

Research “Library can help research of home history” Business First of Buffalo, Cynthia Van Ness, August 31, 1998 (30 copies)

Research “Researching a Historic Property” Technical Information on comprehensive planning, survey of cultural resources, and registration in the National Register of Historic Places, National Register Bulletin 39 (10 copies)

Route 66 “Route 66: Into the Heart of an American Road” Magazine article by Elinor Nauen, publication and date missing

Saloon “Buffalo, New York: Saloon Capital of the World?” Student summary, Heather Foraker, December 1999

Sewer System Student summary on the development of the sewer system and waste disposal in Buffalo by Bill Reisonye

Shelton Square “Shelton Square Was Buffalo’s Piccadilly Circus” Shelton Square was the city’s epicenter but disappeared during the 1960s and 1970s; Buffalo News, George Kunz

Tourism “Left off the map: Hoyt, Tokasz say state travel guide slights WNY” Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, July 21, 1999

Trading Stamps “A short but colorful history of the trading stamp war” Green stamps in Buffalo, Buffalo News, George Kunz, November 5, 1989

United States ‘A Study of the United States Life-Saving Service” Life-saving in Buffalo, Student paper, December 12, 2000, 19 pages

United States “Dream Spinners: The jukebox celebrates its 100th birthday this year” Jukebox history article by Lorraine B. Diehl from Philip Morris Magazine September/October 1989


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