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Historic Buildings & Landmarks

49 Buffum Street “Rescuing a landmark from the ashes: Activists, city leaders hope to give new life to South Buffalo’s fire-ravaged oldest home,” The Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, March 6, 2010

49 Buffum Street “Saving historic home starts at the top,” The Buffalo News, Jay Tokasz, May 23, 2010

607 Jefferson Ave. “Jefferson Ave. gallery offers wide array of city’s history,” The Buffalo News, Deidre Williams, July 5, 2010

771 Busti Avenue  “City may derail plan to raze historic mansion” The Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, October 7, 2009

Area Landmarks “Buffalo charges ahead into past; Restoring landmark structures in struggling Rust Belt cities seen as key to retooling economy” by Rick Hampson, USA Today, Monday, December 14, 2009

Auto Plant “Building Was Auto Plant,” 1200 Niagara St. was home to the E.R. Thomas Motor Co., Reader’s comment in the Buffalo News

Benjamin Long Homestead “Historic Long Homestead awarded $24,500 state grant for new windows” Windows will protect Homestead from WNY weather, Buffalo News, Mary Pasciak, December 31, 2003

Beth Jacob Cemetary "Saving 'forgotten' cemetary" Buffalo News

Broadway Auditorium “Buffalo’s first armory is laden in rich memories” It later became the city’s first auditorium, now a streets department garage, Buffalo News, Marge Thielman Hastreiter, June 21, 1989

Buffalo Psychiatric Center “Psychiatric Center facing pressure to free up more land” Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, May 18, 1999

Buffalo Savings Bank (Now M&T Center) “The Greening of Buffalo: How one architect’s classical vision resonates in the city even now” Buffalo News, Richard Huntington, March 2, 1997

Buildings of Historic Buffalo “Buildings of Historical Buffalo” Student paper,  Aaron Grandin, May 2000, 14 pages

Central Terminal “Revival of Central Terminal Seen” Developer envisions shopping center, apartments, Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, January 9, 1990

Children’s Hospital “Saving Children’s Hospital: The new owners of Buffalo’s beloved institution will make it better, if it’s the last thing they do” Cover story of First Sunday from the Buffalo News, Charles Anzalone, January 7, 2001, pp. 6-11, 16 & 17

City Hall “A Short History of Buffalo’s City Hall,” Graduate Students’ paper, James Schihl and James Healy, 38 pages

Civil War-era “With a huff and a puff” Strong winds stymie efforts to save Civil War-era building on 85 Genesee St., Buffalo News, Sharon Linstedt, November 30, 2002

Courthouse “Courthouse study digs up interesting facts” Erie County plans a new $34 million courthouse on Niagara Street between Franklin and Pearl Streets; Buffalo News, Margaret Hammersley, April 12, 1999 (2 copies)

Cyclorama “Builder hoping to recycle cyclorama” Buffalo News, Peter Simon, September 9, 1997

Dan Montgomery “Legendary Restaurant Demolished: Owner to use land for a parking lot” Buffalo News, Tom Buckham, July 30, 1987

Darwin D. Martin House “Darwin D. Martin House, Buffalo New York,” One page student summary, Bob Przepiora

Darwin Martin House “Martin House work in final phase,” The Buffalo News, Mark Sommer, May 4, 2010

Deco restaurant “Oasis in the Night” Remembering Deco and ‘Buffalo’s Best Cup of Coffee,’ Buffalo Magazine, John Bray, November 27, 1994, pp. 14-16 

Dun Building “Dun building Awaits First New Tenants” $2.5 million renovation on buffalo’s most peculiar architectural marvels. Metro Community News, September 4, 1988

Edward Street “Marker unveiled at ex-first lady’s home: Allentown birthplace of Frances Cleveland cited on her birthday,” The Buffalo News, Harold McNeil, July 22, 2010

Electric Building “The Landmark in a new light: Two-year renovation sets Electric Building aglow” Buffalo News, Carl Herko, December 18, 1992

Ellicott Square Building “The Ellicott Square Bldg.” Student summary including background of Joseph Ellicott, technological advancements and a labor strike by Monica L. Dougherty, 19 pages

Ellicott Square Building "Landmarks; The Ellicot Square Building" City Living, July 19, 2008

Elmwood Music Hall “Paderewski Played, Trolleys Clanged” A historic event documented by a Buffalonian, viewpoint from the Buffalo News (Nathaniel Gorham), November 8, 1988

Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station “Atrium approved for Wright Design,” The Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, April 21, 2010

Grand Hotel “Rich in architecture, furnishings and memories, city’s Grand Hotel set to celebrate 75th birthday,” Buffalo News, Anthony Cardinale, May 1, 1999

H.H. Richardson Complex "Richardson Complex Blueprint Unveiled", Buffalo News, Mark Sommer, May 26, 2007

Harbor Inn “Harbor Inn razed,” Cobblestone District loses 134-year-old landmark, Buffalo News, Mark Sommer, April 4, 2003

Hotel Lafayette “Legendary Downtown Hotel is Home Suite Home for Many” Buffalo News, Anthony Cardinale, November 13, 1988

Houses Three page letter from John H. Conlin, Executive Director of the Landmark Society of the Niagara Frontier, commenting on specific locations on Anderson and Norwood, March 27, 1992

Iroquois Hotel “The Iroquois Hotel” History of the building on the southeast corner of Main and Eagle streets, Buffalo Beat, Carson Rogers, June 20-26, 1997, p. 4

Knights of Columbus “New life for an old mansion” Colucci buys 506 Delaware for $545,000 with plans to open an art gallery, Buffalo News, Fred O. Williams, October 26, 2002

Knox Mansion “A piece of Buffalo history on market for $2.25 million” Buffalo News, Rick Stouffer, June 16, 1990

Lenox Hotel "Landmarks: Lenox Hotel", Buffalo Place Report

Luke Easter House “Bus tour of city’s East Side provides a trip into the past” District residents granted request for special zoning requirements, Buffalo News, Karen Brady, August 17, 1992

Mansion “A New Year for a Ribbon Mansion,” A marbled symbol of how great the city was, and can be again, First Sunday from the Buffalo News, Louise Continelli, December 1, 2002, pp. 16-18

Mark Twain House “My Favorite Parking Lot,” Why do so many famous city sites come with a little booth and surly parking attendant? Another ‘Oh, that’s where that thing used to be’ tour, Second story of First Sunday from the Buffalo News, Tom Ragan, April 6, 2003, pp. 16-19

Memorabilia “Historic site is seeking memorabilia of former Kathryn Lawrence restaurant” Article seeking postcards and photographs of the historic restaurant; Buffalo News, Erna P. Eaton, January 18, 2004

Neglect “Monuments to neglect” Disrepair may doom vintage buildings, City has 7 historic districts, more than 100 landmark buildings; Buffalo News, Donn Esmonde, June 14, 1998

Old Sister’s Hospital Drawing of Old Sister’s Hospital, Pearl Place, and drawing of View of Medical College, and the Hospital of the Sisters of Charity, unsigned

Parkside Community Association’s Tour of Homes “Parkside tour offers a walk through architectural history,” The Buffalo News, Helen Jones, May 17, 2010 (article located in War & National Disputes)

Pierce-Arrow “The Pierce-Arrow Building: A Lasting Image of Quality and Commitment to Excellence” One page history, Angelo A. Conorozzo,     December 18, 1997

Pierce-Arrow “Pierce-Arrow” Student paper covering the men of the company, the growth and the failures, Daniel R. Hoeh, December 12, 2000, 37 pages

Pierce-Arrow “The History of Pierce-Arrow, 1872-1910” Student paper by Greg Witkop, 8 pages

Providence Retreat Xerox of vintage photograph of the Providence Retreat, 1896

Prudential Building “Louis Sullivan’s Prudential Building in Downtown Buffalo, New York” Student paper, Christian M. Johnson, 2 pages

Richardson Complex “$200,000 fire damages Richardson Complex,” The Buffalo News, Jay Tokasz, April 11, 2010

Schaefer Building “Larkin developer preparing to finish second project: Schaefer Building will soon house architectural firm,” The Buffalo News, Jonathan D. Epstein, May 10, 2010

Sibley’s Building “$11.6 Million in Renovations Planned For the Downtown Sibley’s Building,” Buffalo News, David Montgomery, January 24, 1988

Squire Building “Protest wins order stopping landmark building’s demolition” demolition halted on the historic Squire building after preservationists complained to city officials, Buffalo News, Phil Fairbanks

St. Ann’s Rectory Apartments “East Side building joins Letterman theater in spotlight,” Preservation League also plans to honor Fredonia Village Hall, Buffalo News, Tom Buckham

St. James Hall “The Burning of St. James Hall, Buffalo” The Spirit of the Times article, Batavia, Genesee Co., New York, February 1, 1862

St. Mary’s-on-the-Hill Episcopal Church “Church’s fate hinges on a ‘plan of action:’ Demolition reprieve is only for 2 weeks at historic W. Side site,” The Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, April 9, 2010

St. Mary’s-on-the-Hill Episcopal Church “City moves to secure landmark church site,” The Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, April 17, 2010

St. Mary’s on-the-Hill Episcopal Church “Part of church’s bell tower collapses: Incident occurs on same day city official airs doubts on ability to save W.Side landmark,” The Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, May 6, 2010

Stone House “Town mourns razing of 160-year-old stone house” Amherst officials surprised at demolition of stone house on Main St. built before the Civil War across from what is now ECC North Campus, Buffalo News, Harold McNeil, October 29, 2002

Wendt Mansion “New vandalism raises fears for future of Wendt Mansion: County cites lack of funds for onetime showplace in Evans,” The Buffalo News, Barbara O’Brien, April 17, 2010

Workers Progress Administration(WPA) “The Workers Progress Administration in Buffalo” The Downtowner, February 2009

Yates Barn, Orchard Park “Yates Barn owner won’t appeal ruling preserving landmark status,” The Buffalo News, Matt Gryta, March 13, 2010


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