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Great Lakes

Environment “U.S.-Canada pact aims at Great Lakes cleanup” The U.S. and Canada plan to rid the Great Lakes of toxic chemicals to decrease smog, Buffalo News, Douglas Turner, p. A5

Fresh Water “Whose Water?” Buffalo sits at the edge of what is an increasingly rare commodity in the rest of the world—fresh water, Other nations are willing to pay for what we take for granted, Buffalo News, John F. Bonfatti, March 21, 1999

Lake Erie “Heavy Duty Still Ahead for Ice Boom” Lake Erie has an 88% Ice Cover,  Buffalo News, Paul MacClennan, March 1, 1988

Point Abino “Lighthouse access threatens to erupt into landmark case” Point Abino Lighthouse on Ontario shore of Lake Erie remains out of bounds for much of the public, Buffalo News article (Tom Buckham), January 10, 1999

Trade “New York’s Trade on the Great Lakes, 1800-1840” by Dr. Marvin A. Rapp, New York History: The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association, pp. 22-33, January 1958

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