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Grain Elevators

Grain Scoopers “Last of the Grain Scoopers” Scoopers are vanishing breed on Buffalo’s Waterfront, Buffalo News, Louise Continelli, January 28, 1996

Grain Scoopers “An Interview with a Grain Scooper” Focus on Jack Hughes, former scooper, Student paper, Mark Wolfe, December 1999, 41 pages (3 copies)

Industrial Architecture “Buffalo’s Wonders of the World” A Concrete Atlantis is discussed in relation to Buffalo’s grain elevators and its impact on American industrial architecture, Buffalo News, Jack Quinan, architectural historian and associate professor of art history at SUNY at Buffalo, July 27, 1986

Industrial Heritage “A Future is Seen Rising from Past” Concrete Central grain elevator is proposed site for Industrial Heritage Museum, Buffalo News, Paul MacClennan, June 16, 1988

Industrial Heritage “Group aims to save huge grain elevator” Proposal for museum is revived to preserve heritage of milling, Buffalo News, Phil Fairbanks, July 4, 1989

Industrial Heritage The Industrial Heritage Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 1 Spring/Summer 1991: Pp. 1 & 4 “HAER Team Documents Buffalo’s Grain Elevators” (Lorraine Pierro) and Pp. 2-3 “Tour of Ward pumping station evokes memories of Buffalo’s water history” (Howard and Jean Heidenburg)

Industrial Heritage A Grain of Respect “Recognition coming for a city landmark” (Mark Sommer) and “A storied era ends, as last of the scoopers call it quits” (Tom Ernst); Buffalo News, December 7, 2002

Local Heritage “Effort to save Elevator is Giving Lift to Preserving Local Heritage” Saving unique grain elevators such as the Otis Elevator, Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, February 12, 1989

Park Service “Local silos are grist for history mill” Granary artifacts stir Park Service interest, Eric N. DeLony tours Buffalo grain elevators; Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, November 3, 1989

Strike of 1899 “The Buffalo Grain Scoopers Strike of 1899” Student paper, Sandra Miller, November 1999

Strike “Bishop Quigley supported the workers” Pay cut triggered strike, today’s scoopers ignore date, Polish workers fired upon; Buffalo News, Missing Page A11, June 13, 1999

Survey “Historian sets a survey of grain elevators” Buffalo’s role as the birthplace of the grain elevator, Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, October 29, 1989


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