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German Americans

Bowling “Kegs, kraut and kegling: Author digs up sport’s German roots” Buffalo News, Norm Warner, December 1, 2001

Community “Decline of the German-American Community in Buffalo 1855-1925” Bibliographic citation and abstract for the dissertation by Andrew Paul Yox, Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1983

Gehring, Katherine “One of many tales of mixed ancestry: Katherine Gehring, a German immigrant, and Benjamin C. Taylor, Buffalo’s first black doctor, were married in Michigan Street Baptist Church on May 28, 1846,” The Buffalo News, James T. Anderson, March 7, 2010

United States “English Top Germans as Largest U.S. Ethnic Group” New York Times, June 5, 1983

United States “Germans comprise largest ethnic group in U.S., followed by Irish and English” Buffalo News, Tim Bovee, December 16, 1992

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