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Erie Canal

Erie Canal Postcard

Archaeology “Historic link between canal, lake unearthed” Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, December 11, 1998

Buffalo Harbor “Samuel Wilkenson and the Buffalo Harbor” Student paper that briefly describes Samuel Wilkneson, the Buffalo Harbor and the correlation to the west terminus of the Erie Canal by Kelly Pershyn

Canal Construction Laborers “Evil Humors and Ardent Spirits: The Rough Culture of Canal Construction Laborers” Journal of American History March 1993, Peter Way, pp. 1397-1428

Canal District “Stealing Prime Street: Monument to bare-knuckled capitalism found in Canal District” Artvoice, Donna Ashby, May 11-17, 2000

Canal Slip Debate “The hard facts” Preservationists want the real slip restored and charge burying historic site was a mistake, Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, June 3, 2000

Central Wharf “Leadership, Buffalo Style” ESD wants to demolish Central Wharf which is next to the commercial slip, Artvoice, Donna Ashby, May 4-10, 2000, pp. 9-15

Commercial Slip “Mayor Masiello seeks state, federal assistance/creation of blue ribbon panel to examine commercial slip” City of Buffalo News Release, December 14, 1999

Controversy “Brawl on the Waterfront” Two Buffalo News writers with radically different opinions face off on Buffalo’s hottest new controversy: the legacy of the Erie Canal, Buffalo News viewpoints, Mike Vogel and Donn Esmonde, June 11, 2000

Corridor “U.S. proposes canal ‘corridor’” National Park Service recommends an Erie Canal Nationa; Heritage Corridor extending from Alabny to Buffalo, Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, June 17, 2000

Economy “Erie Canal” Student summary on the Erie Canal and its effect on the economic development of New York’s economy particularly in Buffalo by Zachary Chapman

Development Student one page synopsis on the Erie Canal and the process of enlarging the Barge Canal with mention of De Witt Clinton by Lisa Crone

Development “Canal reports likely to spur more activity” Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, September 17, 2000

Dug’s Dive “Dug’s Dive: Endangered Buffalo Heritage Site, Refuge of canal era “Negro Block” slated for obliteration” Dave Baker, 3 pages

Dug’s Dive “Dug’s Dive a unique piece of Buffalo history” Buffalo News, Monroe Fordham, January 30, 2000

Geography “Buffalo Harbor: The Port that Built a City” Student paper, Kelly Pershyn, Includes the Buffalo Harbor Company, Digging the Erie Canal, Commerce, Immigration, 17 pages

History “State’s big lie on canal shows aim to kill history” Buffalo News commentary, Donn Esmonde, June 5, 2000

History “Burying city’s past is not the way to build future” Buffalo News commentary, Donn Esmonde, August 17, 1999

History “The Story of the New York Canals: Historical and Commercial Information” Includes Governor Clinton, the Erie Canal, Maps and History, Roy G. Finch, State engineer and surveyor, 23 pages

History “The Erie Canal: From Lockport to Buffalo” John W. Perry, Adjunct Associate Professor of History and Curriculum Director, WNYHI, 1979, 13 pages

History “Low Bridge! A history of the Erie Canal and the towns that grew up on its banks” Shelly Smith and Peter Lipinoga, 21 pages

History Student summary, Walsh, Includes how the Erie Canal came to be, how it was funded and its impact on bringing settlers into the WNY region

Inner Harbor “Columnist ill-informed on harbor project” Viewpoint from the Buffalo News, Luke Rich, June 10, 2000

Inner Harbor “Poised for Progress—finally” An impressive array of waterfront projects and improvements is lined up and ready to go, and this time at least some of them will get built; ALSO “Erie Canal Harbor sets a historic theme”; Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, May 11, 2003

Inner Harbor “Commercial slip find hailed as ‘Holy Grail’” Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, May 11, 1999

Inner Harbor “Canal dig offers hands-on history of bygone era” Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, August 16, 1999

Inner Harbor “Inside the Inner Harbor” Rebuilding the Waterfront and the development of Buffalo’s Inner Harbor involving Public Works Project. Urban entertainment district and Adelphia operations center, Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, April 16, 2000

Inner Harbor “Hearing determines public’s opinion split over Inner Harbor/Canal District debate” West Side Times, Eric Ortner, May 30, 2000, p. 1-2

Inner Harbor “For many slaves, Inner Harbor was step to freedom” Buffalo News commentary, Donn Esmonde, September 4, 2000

Native Americans “Effects of the Erie Canal on Native Americans in New York State” Students’ paper, David Bartkowiak, Erica Majchrowicz, Joseph Nicosia, Kristin Polechetti, Spring 2004, 20 pages

New York State Canal System “NYS Canal System, Unlock the Legend” 1999 Guide to Erie, Champlain, Oswego, Cayuga-Seneca Canals with Maps, Events and Travel Resources

Opening “Ceremony re-enacts Erie Canal’s opening” Buffalo News, Thomas J. Prohaska, date missing

Preservation “Preservation Plan for Canal District” Making maximum use of existing historic resources, 2 pages

Recreation “Filling the Canal: After investments of about $800 million since 1996, the Erie Canal is showing signs of new life for boating and recreation, But gains in Western New York are spotty” Buffalo News, John F. Bonfatti, May 18, 2002


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