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Downtown Buffalo

Downtown Looking South



City Planning “Buffalo: The Queen City Hub,” a regional action plan for downtown Buffalo, Mayor Anthony Masiello (undated)

Commercial Properties “Downtown real estate value falls,” Buffalo News, Phil Fairbanks, March 17, 1996

General Report Buffalo Downtown Data Base General Report, prepared by the Greater Buffalo Development Foundation, Inc., December 1978

Joseph Ellicott Preservation District “Joseph Ellicott Preservation District,” includes historical and architectural significance, packet (undated)

Lights/Photographs “City Lights,” more effective than any booster campaign, the lights of downtown Buffalo are spreading a bright message across the night sky, Buffalo News photographs of downtown Buffalo, July 31, 1988

Life “The heart of the city,” for years, many people have made their homes and built their lives in the shadow of City Hall, Buffalo News, Paula Voell (no date)

Opinion “Making downtown more livable,” Buffalo News readers have plenty of advice for the mayor on revitalizing the heart of the city, Buffalo News, viewpoints, June 3, 2001

Suburbanization “We can’t go back, There’s no return to the downtown we once knew,” Suburbanization gives rise to ‘Edge City,’ Buffalo News, Carl Herko, May 16, 1993



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