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Business Closings

AM & A’s “AM&A’s free to leave the Thruway Mall” Appellate court refuses to issue injunction against move to Walden Galleria, Buffalo News, Sandra Clark, July 6, 1990

Berger’s “Changing business style caught up with Berger’s” Buffalo News, James T. Madore, February 6, 1991 AND “Mourning Berger’s, Buffalo’s touch-of-class haven” Buffalo News, Paula Voell, February 6, 1991

Buffalo China “Sale of Buffalo China may be finalized today” Buffalo News article (Fred O. Williams), March 12, 2004

Burnham’s “Burnham’s Closes All 4 Area Stores” Buffalo News, Phil Fairbanks, January14, 1989 AND “Burnham’s Failure: Why and What Happens Now?” Buffalo News, Jerry Zremski, January 22, 1989

Dan Montgomery “Dan Montgomery’s Closing Door on Buffalo Landmark Dating Back to Prohibition” Buffalo News, Anthony Cardinale, June 24, 1986

Enos & Sanderson Co. “Enos & Sanderson Co. out of business three years shy of its 100th anniversary” Buffalo News, Dan Herbeck, March 4, 1992

Freddie’s Doughnuts “Freddie’s Doughnuts Isn’t Around Anymore” Buffalo News article (Carolyn Raeke), February 8, 1989

Houdaille Industries “Did buyout or Japan kill ex-Buffalo firm? New book provides details on Houdaille Industries and its eventual downfall” Buffalo News, David Montgomery, June 25, 1989

Jansen Bros. “End of Era nears as local craftsman calls it quits” Buffalo News, Brian Meyer, August 7, 2000

Jenss Jenss will close after 113 years, “Last of the Locals” Buffalo News, Sharon Linstedt, July 14, 2000

Kaufman’s Bakery “Kaufman’s on Atkins diet? Bakery loses bread output, 30 jobs, to make low-carb rolls” Buffalo News, Kevin Purdy, March 12, 2004

Pratt & Lambert “Era ends with Pratt & Lambert’s closing” Buffalo News, Andrew Boetsch, date missing

T.C. Tanke Inc. “End of Era: Tanke’s Jewelry Closing After 131 years” Buffalo News, Lisa Muehlbauer, December 31, 1988

Wanamaker “Wanamaker disappearing after 134 years in retail” Buffalo News, Heidi Russell, June 23, 1995

Wonder Bread “Wonder Bread bakery in Buffalo being closed; 150 to lose jobs” Article continues on flip side of page “Interstate bakeries sales fell 2.5%,”  Buffalo News, Matt Glynn, August 24, 2004

Woolworth “F.W. Woolworth closing all its five-and-dime stores” Buffalo News, Staff and Wire Reports, July 17, 1997 AND “Woolworth closing to end tradition” Downtown patrons will miss regular trips to the five-and-dime store, Buffalo News, Sharon Linstedt, July 18, 1997

Woolworth “The end of the five-and-dime: Farewell to a slice of Americana” Buffalo News, Jules Loh AND Knox “Knoxes made early fortune on five-and-tens” Buffalo News, Lisa Muehlbauer, date missing


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