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Buffalo's Economy


1980s “The 1980s: Buffalo’s transitional decade” Services and trade overtake manufacturing, and links to Canada strengthen, Buffalo News, David Robinson, December 31, 1989

Buffalo “The Buffalo Area Economy” Third Annual Tri-City/County Conference, June 3-4, 1979, Buffalo, New York, 17 pages

Buffalo “An Inbred Elite Runs Buffalo Business” Buffalo News, Robert J. Summers, July 15, 1984

Buffalo “Buffalo: The Booms and Busts.”  Student paper for His 400W senior seminar, April 20, 2005.

Elmwood "Retail on Elmwood continues to grow with a mix of shops" Buffalo News, December 18, 2005

Development “With ‘fresh eyes’ for the future, businessmen put energy to work” Buffalo News, Kevin Collison, February 27, 2000

Future “Buffalo’s Economy: Forging the Future” Financial Year in Review and Forecast, Buffalo News, Mike Vogel, January 25, 1987

History “The Economic History of Buffalo, 1825-1984” M&T Bank and Research, Samuel H. Ticknor, August 1985, 104 pages

Manufacturing “Machine shops hurting: Severity of nation’s economic downturn blamed for many lost jobs” Buffalo News, Fred O. Williams, March 31, 2003

Metropolis “Buffalo was a stop on every performers road show” Buffalo News, Dale Anderson, January 27, 1980

Strike “Store Clerks Strike: Employees of Department Stores Out” Buffalo Evening News, May 18, 1913, Also includes item report 


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