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Bibliographies and Sources

African-American Genealogical Sources at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library  This guide is designed to assist those in search of their African-American family history.

African-American Heritage: Historical and Cultural Resources in Western New York; the Documentary Heritage Program, Western New York Library Resources Council; includes Guides to Collections, Published Histories, Education Kits, and Articles, along with Places of Interest, Libraries and Museums, Community Resources, Publications, Newspapers, Radio Stations, Places to Eat, Special Events, and Websites

American History E-mail from Steve Pendleton (pendlemsm@buffalostate.edu) that includes a book review of The Challenge of American History, a collection of historiographical essays on the current state of the field and how scholars have reformulated the study of American history, edited by Louis P. Masur

Art, Architecture & Fiction A Selected Annotated Bibliography of Buffalo Art, Architecture and Fiction, Compiled by Mark Wolfe, 2000

Black Rock Annotated bibliography on the history of Black Rock, Compiled by Norman Weber, April 17, 1998

Boundaries of NYS Bibliographic Record for “Yankees and Yorkers” by Dixon Ryan Fox, NY, University Press, 1940, Includes location in E.H. Butler Library

Burchfield An annotated bibliography on Charles Ephraim Burchfield, 2000 Compiled by Amar Mohip

City Bibliography compiled by Glagowski

Churches Bibliography on Assumption Parish Bibliography

Dissertations Bibliographic records on SUNY at Buffalo dissertations, Includes topics on the Niagara Frontier Iroquois, The Erie Line, Work and Labor in the Aircraft Industry and Buffalo Commercial Colleges, http://wwwlib.umi.com/dissertations/citations/Print

Elite Women Bibliographic Record for the dissertation, “‘Let Deeds Tell’: Elite Women in Buffalo, 1880-1910” by Mary Rech Rockwell, 1999.  Includes abstract, location and a Buffalo News Womanscope column by Pat Swift entitled “Giving due to the elite of the day” published 3/4/00 which focuses on Rockwell’s research on upper-class women

Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo: Selected Sources in the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Geography & Ecology Annotated bibliography on the geography and ecology of Buffalo, 2000, Compiled by Colleen A. Dixon

Government Annotated bibliography on government in Buffalo, 2000, Compiled by Michael Turner

Government Sources of Vital Records for Buffalo and Erie County Buffalo and Erie County Library

Historical Resources Guide to the Survey of Historic Resources Associated with the African-Americans in New York State: Includes Part I Historic Resources Surveys and African American Heritage, Part II Applying Survey Methodology to African American Resources, Part III Case Studies and Appendixes

Historical Resources African-American History Sources at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Library (Mary F. Bell, Director of Library and Archives) June 1996

How to Research a Buffalo Building: Selected Sources in the Grosvenor Room; Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Italians and Irish A Bibliography on Italians and Irish in Buffalo, 2000, compiled by Zack Polino

Labor History Buffalo Labor History: A Preliminary Bibliography, compiled by Joy A. Scime

Labor History E-mail from Wendy Plotkin (wplotk1@uic.edu) regarding the interest in international working class history in the Atlantic World which includes two abstracts for both the articles: “New Unionism at the Grassroots: The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America in Rochester, New York” by Christopher T. Martin; and “Live! From New York: Women Construction Workers in Their Own Words” by Jane Latour.  Sent 9/26/01

Labor History Detailed bibliography on Labor History, Compiled by Timothy G. Borden, Organization of American Historians, 1997; http://www.oah.org/pubs/magazine/labor/labor-bib.html

Local History “Bibliography and Synopsis for A Reading Course on the History of Buffalo”

Local Newspapers “Brief Background and Holdings – Buffalo Area Newspapers” Includes topics such as Religion, African American and Foreign Language

Newspapers “Series Available on Microfilm and CD-ROM, A Guide to Newspapers and Periodicals” Includes African Americans, Religion, 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century and Accessible Archives, Scholarly Resources

Olmsted A Bibliography of Frederick Law Olmsted, Compiled by Floyd Uonites

Periodicals “New York State History Periodicals” Listing of periodicals available at E.H. Butler Library, 11 entries, Buffalo State College, 2000

Polish-American Citation for “The Paper and the Poles: How the Evening News Improved One of Buffalo’s Core Ethnic Groups” Buffalo News, August 6, 1995

Population Bibliographic Record for “Population Persistence and Early Industrialization in a Canadian City: Hamilton, Ontario” Michael B. Katz, Michael J. Doucet and Mark J. Stern, Includes abstract and library location

Searching Family History at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Social Class Bibliographic Record for “Fertility, Class, and Industrial Capitalism: Erie County, New York, 1855-1915” by Michael B. Katz and Mark J. Stern, Includes abstract and location AND Bibliographic Record for “Social Class in North American Urban History” by Michael B. Katz, Includes abstract and location

Social Organization Bibliographic Record for “Migration and the Social Order in Erie County, New York: 1855” by Michael B. Katz, Michael J. Doucet, and Mark J. Stern, Includes abstract and location

Selected Bibliography on Urban Development in Buffalo

Suffrage Bison Search (Buffalo and Suffrage) Request for “Buffalo and Suffrage” Bibliographic Record 2 of 7, Includes 3 entries

Transportation & Technology “Annotated Bibliography of Transportation and Technology in Buffalo in 1900” Compiled by Brian Frank

Unpublished Papers “Buffalo, New York: Bibliography of Unpublished Papers, Theses, and Dissertations” Project of the Buffalo Group Director, Shonnie Finnegan, Bibliography Editor, Mary Finn, Grad Assistant, Elizabeth Remille, Update 1977

Unpublished Papers “Buffalo, New York Bibliography of Unpublished Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Update 1978“ Compiled by Deborah M. Kelly

Western New York “Annotated bibliography of the WNY Resource Center” Ordered Topically (24 pages) and Alphabetically (19 pages) Compiled by Annette German, 2000

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