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African Americans

Arland, Harold "The Rainbow Journey of Harold Arlen" Buffalo News, February 6,2005

Amistad " "Bringing Amistad to Buffalo" BECHS Society Newsletter, Spring 2003

Civil Rights “Civil Rights Commitment Seeds Perhaps Planted” The Spectrum, Charlie Haynie, March 10, 1988

Colored Musicians Club “Finally finding rhythm, county frees up funds for jazz: Long-promised $300,000 goes to storied club for museum that will draw national spotlight,” The Buffalo News, Matthew Spina, May 27, 2010

East Side “Study of black neighborhoods offers plan to avert East Side ‘catastrophe’” Buffalo News, Irene Liguori, February 12, 1990

Forest Lawn Cemetery "African Americans buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery". click here for document.

Freedom Memorial “Freedom Memorial affirms a community: 4-pillard tribute is reborn as symbol of sacrifice, unity,” The Buffalo News, Gene Warner, June 1, 2010

Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 “Buffalo’s Antebellum African American Community and the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850” Afro-Americans in New York Life and History, Jean Richardson, Assistant Professor of History and Social Studies Education, Buffalo State College

Gehring, Katherine “One of many tales of mixed ancestry: Katherine Gehring, a German immigrant, and Benjamin C. Taylor, Buffalo’s first black doctor, were married in Michigan Street Baptist Church on May 28, 1846,” The Buffalo News, James T. Anderson, March 7, 2010 (article located under German American)

Historical Resources Guide to the Survey of Historic Resources Associated with the African-Americans in New York State: Includes Part I Historic Resources Surveys and African American Heritage, Part II Applying Survey Methodology to African American Resources, Part III Case Studies and Appendixes (3 copies)

Historical Resources African-American History Sources at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Library (Mary F. Bell, Director of Library and Archives) June 1996

Historical Resources “Revisiting the Underground Railroad” Gary Collison, Cultural Resource Management, Vol. 21 No. 4 1998, pp. 7-10

Labor “Black Women in Buffalo Area World War Two Industries” Jean Richardson, 1985, 20 pages

Lineage African-American Genealogical Sources at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, May 1996

Long Island “Making a Way to Freedom: A History of African Americans on Long Island” Table of Contents to Lynda R. Day’s book, March 1998

Juneteenth Festival “Olean plans Juneteenth Festival: Slave’s story to highlight city’s first celebration,” The Buffalo News, Deidre Williams, June 1, 2010 (article filed with “Freedom Memorial” story)

Million Man March “The Historical Context of The Million Man March” Monroe Fordham, Professor of History and Social Studies Education, Buffalo State College, Paper presented at the Phi Alpha Theta Banquet, May 1996 (2 copies)

News Articles "Collection of Articles Dealing with Blacks from 1940-1945 Found in the Buffalo Evening News" Student Research Paper, John Zubler, 1975

NAACP “Happy 85th Birthday Buffalo NAACP!: History of the Buffalo, New York branch N.A.A.C.P.” February 2000

National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs “Black women’s group honors 8 at luncheon: Brenda W. McDuffe, Maj. Henry S Williams, Jr., Marc L. Fuller, Stephanie Fears, Shirley L. Courton, Frances Jennings, Candace Marie Barnes, Blair Helton,” The Buffalo News, May 3, 2010

The Old Families of the Black Community “Even before Buffalo became a city, blacks were making their mark in Western New York” Carl Allen, “The Magazine” of The Buffalo News, January 15, 1984 - Download Here

Population “Black population by Place and Population Rank: 1990” Includes stats on Buffalo, NY, http://www.thuban.com/census/tables/city1.html, 4/23/99,   9 pages

Presidential Election 2008 "Buffalo Carried Obama to Victory" Buffalo News, Mary Pasciak, November 6 2008

Publications (About) “The Buffalo Criterion” The history of the Buffalo Criterion and its impact on the African-American community in Buffalo, Student Paper, Scott Martin, December 1999, 21 pages

Publications Historically Speaking Includes: book Signing for Dr. Lillian Williams, Fostering Community Through Applied History: A Multidisciplinary Conference in Honor of Dr. Monroe Fordham, Published by The Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier, No. 23 Vol. 2, October 1999        (2 copies)

Religion “Triumph of faith: Black Catholics will dedicate first new church” First new Catholic church in Buffalo in 35 years; Buffalo News, Dave Condren, 2000

South Africa “South Africa: Freedom for Us All” Josiah R. Mlahagwa, Fulbright Scholar from Tanzania, Department of History and Social Studies Education, Buffalo State College, Paper presented at the Phi Alpha Theta Banquet, May 1996 (3 copies)

Tours Underground Railroad Tours by Motherland Connextions, Fold-out brochure, Includes Descriptions of Tours and Costs (2 copies)

Tours Niagara Freedom Trail: An African-American-Canadian Heritage Tour, Color brochure, Includes History, Sites, Map and Suggested Tour Itinerary, Canada, 1997 (2 copies)

Tours The Road to Freedom brochure, Includes Nathaniel Dett Memorial Chapel, British Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada, Norval Johnson Heritage Library & Niagara Freedom Trail Tour Info, undated

Underground Railroad “Timon students rekindle history by shedding light on Underground Railroad’s local stops” Buffalo News, Margaret Hammersley, date missing

Underground Railroad “The Story of Buffalo: The city was a terminus of the Underground Railroad in slavery days” Buffalo Evening News,M.M. Wilner, Editor’s note attached, around 1930

Underground Railroad “Underground Railroad ties: Series of sculptures will mark Niagara sites” Buffalo News, Paula Voell, July 22, 1992

Underground Railroad “The routes the slaves followed to freedom: Underground Railroad stations scattered around Western New York” Buffalo News, Susan Peterson, February 27, 1994

Underground Railroad “Researching, Preserving, Educating: The Underground Railroad in Central New York” A Workshop Program Packet of Info, June 4, 1998

Underground Railroad “Fugitive Slave Cases in Niagara County: A Glimpse into the Underground Railroad” Lecture, Christopher Densmore, University Archivist, SUNY Buffalo, Given at Niagara County Historical Society, Lockport, NY on February 24, 2000


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