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Republic Steel

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Republic Steel Aerial

Arial view of the Republic Steel Plant

Republic Steel was once the third largest steel producer in the United States, and was founded in Youngstwon Ohio in 1899. Repuclic Steel Corporation, along with Bethlehem Steel, was a large empolyer in Buffalo's hey days as a manufacturing , and distribution hub which extended into the 1970's. The plant was once located at Wharf, 85 on the Buffalo River. Ther files in this archive we donated to the Monroe Fordham Center, and pertain to various arbitration cases in the city during the corporations activities in the region. These files were secured by Professor James McDonnell for microfilming by the Buffalo State College History Department’s local history microfilming project.  The files came in 9 file boxes.  No attempt was made to reorganize the files, they were filmed by box numbers.  Mr. Gregory included a list of contents for each box.  That index of contents can be downloaded below.

Letter from Mr. Gregory to Dr. McDonnell

Dear Dr. McDonnell,

Enclosed please find a small smattering of …stuff for your files…my gift to you. 
I have 9 file boxes of original documents for your perusal and/or microfilming. 
Please advise when you might like to take custody. 
Hope this whets your appetite.
Respectfully submitted,

Tom Gregory

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